January 21, 2014

Camera Pouch

After "Owl Pouch" , we have "Camera Pouch"...
a COLORFUL camera!!  You will happy with this pouch everyday >.<

Little-Colorful Camera

Love it"

Owl Pouch

It's "Happy Rainy Day" today...

Last week, Hanna and I make this Cute Owl Pouches. We make it for our FIRST TIME we sale our HaNdMaDe!!!  Yaayy... Not Bad, 4 items was sold out there :D

Two cute owls with different expression ^^

Wait for our another handmade~

January 15, 2014

Hello Kitty Passport Cover

How are you? I hope you have a best day..

On last post, I say that my little sis want me to make her "Hello Kitty Passport Cover"
aanndd... This is yours ^^

 Outside, with HK ribbon

 Inside, lovely pink

Inside without Passport

I like to make Passport Cover because it's so easy and only take 30 minutes to make >.<

Cutee.. And I love it so much...

January 9, 2014

Pencil Case

First pencil case for my friend, Mada :D
What do you think about this pencil case? Yap,, my first time to make pencil case and my first time to use zipper in my project, haha.. Not bad ;)

 I put her name there ^

 Flower fabric inside

Cute butterfly application

Thanks Hanna..

Atika was turning 13!! Haha.. :D

On my birthday, my best friend give me a MONKEY POUCH! Yap, she know i love monkey very much because monkey have a cute face :)

and she give me a bag too..

 she put my name there ^^

Thankyou so much Hanna...

Passport Cover


I made this Passport Cover because i want to make my passport look beautiful :P
I think, it's an easy DIY project because it's only spent 30 minutes to make.



Inside without passport

Now, my passport is look beautiful..
And my little sis said "I WANT IT!! with Hello Kitty ribbon"


January 8, 2014

Super-Simple-Cute Decoration for Bag

Tonight, I don't know what I want to do.
But when i look my very-simple bag i have an idea.

and,, this is a Super-Simple-Cute Decoration from ribbon~



My little sis said "oohhh,, so cute "  Haha..

I will post the TUTORIAL to make this Super-Simple-Cute Decoration~
Please wait :D

January 7, 2014

First Drawstring Bag ~

Months ago, i make some drawstring bag. One for my sister and one for me..

Drawstring bag is an easy project you can make only in 15 minutes and if it finished, you will like it so much ^.^

   my little sis ;)


I think, you will want to make this too--