October 19, 2013


Haiihaaaiii.... Im come back!!!
It is about what i say in my last post, yaa.. I want to make Minion Phone Case.
And,,,, this is my own Minion Phone Case


Yuuuhhhuuuu!!!! so cutee.. but he look fat,, hehe.. 
It's so easy and fast to make, hhmm.. for about 15 minutes..



August 31, 2013

"Mike Wazowski" phone case

Taaaddaaa....!!! Do you want to look what i make today?

and,,, this is it...

...My handmade "Myke Wazowski" phone case...

Why i make Myke Wazowski? Because he is a cutest monster in "Monster University", right?
And later, i want to make "Minion Phone Case" but i dont have a grey felt for make his 'eyeglasses'  :D

Thankyou for reading,

July 27, 2013

Dear all readers,,

Okayy,, hello all readers..

When i open another blog, and the blogger's was active to write his blog..
Then i think, why i can't be an active writer?  Yaahh... if i can, i promise i will make an interest and creative blog. So all readers can read and see this blog with a happy face   :D


July 9, 2013

Happy Ramadhan

Ramadhan is back!!!

Happy Fasting all...

                                                                                               Atika O:)

May 22, 2013

My FINGER family...

Hai!!! come back... i want to share my "handmade" FINGER family... yahh, some finger doll and i love it. I make it some for myself and some for my mom's friends. Thats make when a week before i have an exam (try out)... okay! let's look it..


yeaah and i make a little dad... (is smaller than his child and he is smallest in his fam), lol...

And this is my FINGER farm.. check it up!


I think they so cute.. (<3)

The last is...

my princess and my lovely country girl

want you to make FINGER doll? I will make tutorial: how to make FINGER doll (but it's not now)

thanks for reading, 
with love, Atika =>

May 17, 2013

This is my FIRST post!

Yaaayy!!! welcome to my blog everyone...
and now i want to introduce my blog.
This blog is made for sharing info, tutorial, experience, and many more! ( I hope you will love this blog)

                                                                                              with love, Atika  =)